The Modern Greenhouse

10x6-aluminium-frame-horticultural-glass-greenhouseThe common garden greenhouse is a great addition to any garden as it keeps your plants, vegetables, fruit, seedlings and more warm throughout the winter while not being an eyesore. But there is one downside to a greenhouse and that is that they can be a terrible suntrap in the summer. Going into a greenhouse on a hot and sunny summer’s day for just five minutes will leave you hot and sweaty while gasping for air – this is a huge downside.

But they look so fantastic, so clean, so fresh and so light – why not try and bring some of this clean freshness into your home by having gorgeous glass sliding doors?

They will open up your room to light, making the room brighter and looking more spacious. You can sit on your sofa watching the sun go down in the evening, watching the squirrels in your garden, hopping from branch to branch. You can watch the frogs in spring hopping around in search for a local pond and you can watch your flowers get ready for a peaceful night of growing, preparing to get beautiful in the morning again.

As with a greenhouse, the think glass sliding doors will help to keep your home warm through the colder months, but in the hotter weather you can open the sliding doors wide. There is no need to worry about doors slamming as the breeze enters your home, these sliding doors have no where to slam as they are held safely in place, slid along the inside of your home.GreenhouseInside2b

You get the best of both worlds throughout the year. In the winter the house is warm and snugly and you can sit and watch the thunder storms or fireworks outside, while the summer months you can sit with the doors wide open, a gentle breeze cooling you while you watch the sun rise and the sun set.

That is why the modern greenhouse is such a great idea to bring into your home. Open up your home for a brighter and lighter living by getting glorious glass sliding doors.


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