Dear Deidre – I’ve a Dreary and Dull House

old-ladyDear Deidre,

I am so fed up with my dreary and dull house, we have windows that’s sills are covered in books, vases, ornaments and out of date birthday cards. There really is minimal light entering the lounge through these small and grubby windows. I just don’t see the point in cleaning them for me to then pile everything back in front of them.

I just wish I had a lighter, brighter room, one that welcomed in the sunshine and brightened up the room to make it look more spacious. I have re-done the lounge, we have a pale carpet anyway but now we have magnolia walls and cream sofas to try and brighten up the room and make it … nicer, but nothing we are doing works. The room just looks dull and dreary due to lack of natural light.

I really am at the end of my tether, so much so that I avoid using the lounge as we put so much money into doing up the interior and it still looks and dull and boring as ever.

Please help Deidre, what do you suggest we can do?

Yours Sincerely,

Fed-Up Freda from Folkestone.


Jenny_Eclair_2this-one1Hello Freda,

I am very sorry to hear of your woes, having had a chat with some home interior and home exterior experts it seems that it is not the room itself that is bringing you down, but instead the lack of natural light – and natural light can help with SAD illness too!

We think that the best option to make your home lighter and brighter and to make you happier in general would be to consider bi-fold doors or sliding doors.

These are large glass doors that can open a room to the great outdoors. They bring in all the natural light you need to make your room lighter, bright and more spacious, while taking up only minimal space within the room.Aluminium-bi-folding-doors2

The bi-fold doors, for example, fold back onto themselves so they need a lot less room than a regular door that would swing back. A glass sliding door slides back onto the inside of your home, so again no additional space is used, leaving your lounge looking and feeling spacious.

I really hope you like our advice and I hope the extra light makes you and your family happier. Hopefully you will change from Fed-Up Freda to Fun and Happy Freda!

Yours Sincerely,




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