A Little Riddle For You

Aluminium-bi-folding-doors2When is a Bi-fold door not a bi-fold door???

This is a riddle that has baffled many mathematicians, philosophers, scientists and lecturers.

The Oxford dictionary tells us that the word ‘bi’ is defined as two / having two. In theory this means that the definition of a bi-folding door is a door set that does not have three, four, five, six, seven or eight folding panels-only two!

However, historically speaking, in the bi-fold door industry, a bi-folding door is an internal timber door that has two panels. If the bi-fold door has more than two panels then surely it is not a bi-fold door. In theory this is then a sliding, folding door or a concertina door if you prefer.

If you’re feeling baffled by the science and confused by the maths then why not call Arbor Window Systems Ltd? They are Arborexperts in bi-fold doors and sliding folding doors.

Unlike other bi-fold door specialists, the people at Arbor Window Systems Ltd do know the difference between a bi-fold door and a sliding folding door.

Arbor Window Systems can provide you with door sets that will open up your house; doors that will give you more space and light; doors that can be opened with ease and make entering and exiting your house much easier.

sliding folding doorThe staff at Arbor Window Systems will discuss your  project with you.  They will listen to your requirements  and preferences and using their extensive knowledge and expertise, recommend the best option for you- the best option to brighten your home and make it more spacious.

So, when is a bi-fold door not a bi-fold door?  When it’s a  sliding folding door from Arbor.


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