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A Little Riddle For You

Aluminium-bi-folding-doors2When is a Bi-fold door not a bi-fold door???

This is a riddle that has baffled many mathematicians, philosophers, scientists and lecturers.

The Oxford dictionary tells us that the word ‘bi’ is defined as two / having two. In theory this means that the definition of a bi-folding door is a door set that does not have three, four, five, six, seven or eight folding panels-only two!

However, historically speaking, in the bi-fold door industry, a bi-folding door is an internal timber door that has two panels. If the bi-fold door has more than two panels then surely it is not a bi-fold door. In theory this is then a sliding, folding door or a concertina door if you prefer.

If you’re feeling baffled by the science and confused by the maths then why not call Arbor Window Systems Ltd? They are Arborexperts in bi-fold doors and sliding folding doors.

Unlike other bi-fold door specialists, the people at Arbor Window Systems Ltd do know the difference between a bi-fold door and a sliding folding door.

Arbor Window Systems can provide you with door sets that will open up your house; doors that will give you more space and light; doors that can be opened with ease and make entering and exiting your house much easier.

sliding folding doorThe staff at Arbor Window Systems will discuss your  project with you.  They will listen to your requirements  and preferences and using their extensive knowledge and expertise, recommend the best option for you- the best option to brighten your home and make it more spacious.

So, when is a bi-fold door not a bi-fold door?  When it’s a  sliding folding door from Arbor.


Why Do Hotels Have Bifold Doors?

You’ll notice that a lot of hotels look great from the outside with huge glass doors which make the hotel look grander, more modern and very elegant, this is just one of the Lon-Hotel-Entrancereasons that hotels choose to have bifold doors – before you get inside the hotel you are impressed!

Bifold doors work great in the hotel rooms themselves too as they open up the room making it more bright and airy so as soon as you walk into the room it is opened up and looks fantastic and light.

Bifold doors are brilliant for the hot weather as they can be opened up onto a small balcony that will allow fresh air to enter the room and save you money, as a hotel, on air conditioning bills, meanwhile allowing the customers to have as much cool, fresh air as they require.

When the doors are closed the sound proofing the bifold doors offer is second to none so if your hotel is in a busy and noisy soundproofing bifold doorstown centre then your customers are still able to sleep easy as the bifold doors keep the noise on the outside.

Bifold doors are a superb idea for inside a hotel too. It’s nice to have a ‘chill out’ area that is not as noisy as the restaurant but doesn’t leave your customer locked away in their bedroom either. They can be closed off with glass doors, which blocks out the noise of the restaurant or bar, but they can still people watch, see what’s going on and not feel like they are in cell or their office.

meeting room folding doorsIn regards to the meeting rooms or function rooms of a hotel, sometimes you will only have a small booking of ten who want a meeting but you have a room that hold 250 + people. This is when folding doors can be ideal. These are a way of closing a room into separate rooms, meaning you can take that booking for ten without leaving them looking lost in the middle of room, but at the same time you can double the income and rent out the other side of the room as a folding door can separate the one room into two smaller rooms. Then, when you have a booking for 250+ just slide the doors open and you have you grand open space again!

Bifold doors are great for many uses, why not call a Bifold doors expert and see how they can help you!